Melton City Council is committed to lifelong learning by fostering a community culture that encourages the continuity of learning at all age levels and providing high quality learning opportunities for all residents of the municipality.

In 1998, Melton Shire Council established the Shire of Melton Education Board comprising Council representatives, education providers, and community representatives. The role of the Board was to establish a community education plan and to ensure that the community was actively involved in the formulation of that plan. The Board subsequently developed the Community Education Plan 1999 – 2001, the first of its kind in Victoria, outlining a strategy to establish a local culture where education is seen as critical for both individual and community advancement.

The aim of the original Plan was to foster ‘whole of life’ education opportunities for all residents in the Shire, from pre-school through to older residents. In 2004 the Board changed its name to the Shire of Melton Community Learning Board to more accurately reflect the role and intent of the Board.

All of the Learning Plans have been based on the principles of sharing, collaboration, pooling of resources, joint developments, and flexibility and responsiveness in the provision of facilities and services. These, together with the incorporation of a lifelong learning vision, are the means by which the City of Melton and the community can continually improve and achieve high standards of education.

In reflecting these principles, the Community Learning Plans build on the diversity and comprehensive membership of the Board and established networks of individuals and organisations throughout, and beyond the municipality. A feature of the Board is the depth and diversity of membership with representation from wide ranging areas of the broader community including tiers of the education sector, Brimbank Melton Local Learning and Employment Network (BMLLEN), adult and community learning providers, business and industry, early childhood, youth, disability services, community, Council and other agencies.

Despite the diversity of representation on the Board, such is the shared vision and desire to achieve the goals of the Community Learning Plan, the decision-making processes of the Board are collaborative and by consensus. Outcomes of the Board are at times referred to, or accepted by, members of the Board for action.

The City of Melton’s overall vision for the municipality is to make it a vibrant, proud, growing and healthy community offering lifestyle choices. Linked to this vision is a commitment to building a world class learning community. To achieve this vision, Council recognises, that as a key stakeholder, it must foster a community culture that embraces and encourages the continuity of learning at all age levels.

A key factor in the longevity and success of the Board is that it maintains a vision and mission that are clearly linked to the current Council Strategic Plan. That is, they are continuously integrated in their goals. The City of Melton Community Learning Plan complements policy initiatives already in place and iterated in Council’s Plan, as well as other strategic portfolio plans.

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