It is said that music knows no boundaries; it is the universal language that can open doors in life bringing joy to those who play as well as to those who listen.

Music has a special way of bringing people together like nothing else can, it is everywhere from supermarkets to stadiums, what would film be without music? What would life be without music?

Have you ever noticed a child’s natural response to a beautiful piece of music? Whether it’s a Beethoven symphony, a Bach concerto or even a pop song from the likes of Adele or Taylor Swift. Music moves people! It inspires us! I strongly believe everyone has musical potential; the key is having the opportunity to realize and develop that natural potential within us all.

Teachers that can connect with the child and bring out their best can be hard to find. A teacher that will encourage, inspire, develop, nurture, a teacher that has passion for teaching, a passion for learning, a passion for music, and above all, a passion for life. Why shouldn’t every student have such a teacher?

At Genesis Music School we take great pride in our educators, they are second to none. In them you will find passion, professionalism, excellence, sensitivity, skill, and above all a strong desire to impart the gift of music into the lives of every student we have the pleasure to teach. It is an amazing opportunity and privilege to be entrusted to pass on our passion to our students; it is not something we take for granted!

Genesis Music runs music programs all over Melbourne, did you know we are based right here in Melton? Our programs within the Melton shire can be found at various primary and secondary schools throughout Melton and Caroline Springs. We also offer private lessons out of school hours.

Genesis Music School – Discover the world of music! This could be the beginning you’ve been waiting for!


Article contributed by David Micallef, Genesis Music School

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