When you truly embrace lifelong, lifewide and lifedeep learning it becomes fully integrated into your daily activities and forms part of who you are.

I find myself looking for opportunities to learn even while on holiday.

Here I am in the middle of the South Pacific on a beautiful cruise ship and yes, the swimming pool and a cool cocktail does beckon, however there are so many things to do, learn and participate in as well.

In 2018, many cruise ships understand that not every passenger just wants to drink, relax and shop, (though of course there is nothing wrong with that if you choose to spend your days that way), while on board. In fact, many passengers are looking for more insightful and interesting programs to participate in and to take an opportunity to learn new things while on holiday.  The smarter of contemporary cruise lines are adding to their roster of enrichment programs, and many now feature stimulating lectures and seminars at sea.

Others choose to go even further and offer lots of hands-on learning experiences.  In fact, “edutainment” is a now popular shipboard pursuit. The variety of options can include; computer courses, digital photography, cooking classes (sometimes in elaborate demonstration kitchens), wine- and cocktail-tastings, and art workshops. These value add lifelong learning programs are growing in popularity across many cruise ships.

If you are after intellectual and academic offerings, then some cruise lines feature stimulating seminars at sea. Speakers can include destination-oriented historians and naturalists and even popular authors. On some ships, business leaders, retired politicians and sports stars, radio and television personalities, and even movie stars may be featured lecturers.

So, what I have learnt this holiday?  A basic introduction to conversational French, Adult Relaxation Painting, some Art History and how to create a dramatic eye make-up look. Not too bad for Day 6 of my cruise….

Well now it is cocktail time and the pool lounge is calling my name.

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