Neighbourhood Houses Deliver in Your Neighbourhood!

There are over 400 Neighbourhood Houses across the state celebrating Neighbourhood House week from 30 April – 6 May 2018.

For many years Neighbourhood Houses have been the heart and soul of local communities everywhere. They are a key driver in local community development and exist to bring people together to connect, learn and participate in activities that help them to belong.

Every week across the state over 188,000 people access their local Neighbourhood House. Neighbourhood Houses welcome people from all walks of life. This inclusive approach creates opportunities for individuals and groups to enrich their lives through connections they might not otherwise make, strengthening networks and building social capital.

Embracing principles such as ‘community ownership, empowerment, inclusiveness and place based lifelong learning’, Neighbourhood Houses offer a valuable contribution to communities and we invite you to help us celebrate the work they do by participating in one or more of the great programs on offer at Melton’s centres.

With over 10,000 programs being delivered.

Neighbourhood Houses are places where, people connect, laugh, share, make friends and find opportunities to learn and grow.

Programs can range from art, cooking, sports, computers, fitness, yoga, book clubs and even accredited courses. The list is endless.

The life in a neighbourhood house revolves around activities that can range from being social, educational, recreational and much more.

They can also provide support and information on health, employment and community services, celebrating events and festivals.

People of all ages, abilities and backgrounds are welcome in neighbourhood houses. The programs are cost friendly and socially inclusive.

You can share your skills and strengths with the others by volunteering at your local neighbourhood house.

Who determines what runs in a Neighbourhood house? The answer is You! The community!

The attached flyer showcases some of the programs available during Neighbourhood House week.

Come celebrate with us!

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