Why does Melton City Council provide free training and workshops to community groups?

Council recognises the value and positive impact that a network of robust community groups can have in a local government area and the civic cohesion that develops as a flow on effect.  Our Community Development team knows that pragmatic solutions to local challenges can often come from these community groups and that supporting them empowers groups and individuals to have a voice in what happens in their space.

To facilitate this organic community development, Council implemented a comprehensive series of programs that are available to community group members and individuals FREE to attend. All of these programs form the Community Group Training Calendar.

The Community Group Training Calendar program seeks to empower individuals and groups of people with the skills they need to effect change within their communities. These skills are often developed through active participation in a social groups working for a common agenda. Relevant and effective training on the following topics have been run since the program commenced: Governance, conflict resolution, hands on grant writing, how to market your group/business, project management and others.

Over three hundred individuals representing a variety and diverse community groups within Melton have attended. Training sessions have been delivered in both Melton and Caroline Springs Library & Learning Hubs and offered as both day and night sessions to accommodate all participants.

Melton City Council recognises that community engagement/consultation and participation is the core of our democratic system. The calendar reflects topics as identified by participant’s community consultation and Council is committed to ongoing consultation with the community to ensure the programs and services are relevant and meet the needs of community groups.

To this end, we are again eager to hear from your group about your training needs for the 2018/2019 calendar. The information gathered in your feedback will be used to continue to develop relevant training tailored to your community group and individuals.

We invite you to download and complete the attached Feedback Form and email it to [email protected] 


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