Article written by Melissa Dumbrell, Neighbourhood Program Officer

Do you want to be a backyard beekeeper?

Life can be busy, and for many of us finding the time to participate in leisure activities or maintain a hobby is challenging. Having a hobby that we enjoy can have a positive impact on our lives. Hobbies give us something fun to do in our spare time, they provide opportunities to learn new skills and keep us mentally active and can provide a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment.

One hobby that has been creating a real buzz over the past few years is backyard beekeeping.

Beekeeping can be a fascinating and rewarding hobby for many reasons:

  • You get to create your own bee colony and watch it grow and flourish.
  • You’re helping the environment. Bees are a vital part of our ecosystem and hobby beekeeping can help maintain healthy population numbers and increase pollination.
  • You can join a local bee group or society and through this make new friends and social connections.
  • You’ll have your own personal supply of organic honey!

If beekeeping sounds like a hobby you may be interested in, but you have no idea where to start then join us at Taylors Hill Neighbourhood House for our Intro to Beekeeping workshop. Join Craig Castree, from Vasili’s Garden and explore the ins and outs of home beekeeping. Learn about hive construction, care and maintenance, attracting different types of bees, making honey and local laws and legislation. Indulge in some honey tasting and go in the draw to win a copy of Craig’s book ‘Edible Gardens – A Practical Guide’.

This workshop is free to attend and forms part of Melton City Council’s Adult Learners Week celebrations. Adult Learners Week runs from 1-8 September and is the perfect opportunity to ‘come and try’ a range of activities in your local Neighbourhood House, Community Centre or Library.


Introduction to Beekeeping

Tuesday 4 September

6.30pm – 8.30pm

Bookings essential via

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