What makes a positive learning experience?

A welcoming educational environment is so important for learners, especially for those who had negative past experiences of education
or may have left school early. There is sometimes a perception in our community that learning is only for the young, but the benefits of learning and achieving your potential can happen at any age – you’re never too old.

A quality learning experience can lead to successful outcomes for learners and supportive instructors, friendly peers and a nurturing environment  are a central part of this. Returning to lifelong learning is completely different to people’s experiences of school – your opinion is valued along with your life experiences.

We are blessed in our community to have many opportunities to participate in learning opportunities in a caring and friendly environment, from Neighbourhood Houses, to libraries, to community education organisations.

Take a look at Melton Learning now and see what great programs you would like to start with.

New programs coming soon for 2019!


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