Time to throw off your bags in a corner, let your hair down and feet up! It is school holiday time folks! And can the holidays be boring when there is a huge galore of fun activities calling!

With holiday activities for Pre-schoolers to teens, City of Melton has a huge variety to offer- from technology (Drone Workshop), food workshops (fun cooking), art –creative and edible (Stories in Stone, Cupcake Decorating, Cartoon Making), physical and mental fitness (Kids Zumba, Yoga, Wayapa), drama, dance parties(Zumba), slimy fun (Slime workshop and Beyblade Disco), Giant Games, Moving Round libraries  and more…

You imagine – and it is there! Check Melton learning website school holiday programs and choose the workshops that resonate with you! Holidays were never so much fun as they are now!

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