This site showcases the new online version of the Learning Directory, and highlights the importance of Lifelong Learning in the City of Melton.

Council is committed to creating a lifelong learning City, by being proactive in stimulating, activating and supporting initiatives, events and projects that facilitate lifelong learning, improve employability of individuals, reduce inequality and social exclusion and increase the social resilience of residents. We will continue to partner and collaborate with organisations to initiate, incubate and deliver activities and initiatives that serve the community and invest in lifelong learning.

We are proud that Melton has been innovative in Australia and recognised internationally for celebrating all that lifelong learning contributes to our lives. The Learning Directory and this site are key factors in our ongoing efforts to build a Learning City that generates lifelong learning opportunities to grow our community’s social, cultural, economic, environmental and personal well-being.

As always, the Learning Directory boasts a wide range of interesting and challenging recreational and learning opportunities on offer throughout our community. Everything from learning a new language, to brushing up on your sewing skills. You can learn international cooking, computer programs and social media, painting, job skills… whatever piques your interest.

Continuing lifelong learning is an important way to maintain an active, healthy and happy lifestyle. The courses listed in this directory will not only help you gain new skills, but also give you the opportunity to meet new people, discover new places and make new friends.

We are confident that you’ll find something to suit everyone in this directory, so dive on in and start exploring.

Courses and classes are very popular, so be sure to register your interest early.

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Legal Disclaimer

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Refund Policy

If participants withdraw from a program, a refund will only be considered where the participant provides special circumstances in writing, 5 working days prior to the start date of the program.

  • If, in its discretion Melton City Council decides to allow a refund, an Administration Fee of $10 will be retained.
  • Refunds will not be given should a participant miss a session or sessions, nor will the session/s be made up by the tutor.