Bridge Road Community Repair Café

Do you have any household items that are broken or need mending? Do you want to save money on unnecessary purchases and repair these items for free? Bring them along to the Community Repair Café at Bridge Road Children’s & Community Centre on the first and last Saturday of the month and speak with one of our amazing volunteer fixers!

Across 2023 we will be hosting a series of special free workshops on various topics co-located with the Repair Café including upcycling, recycling, gardening, family art and crafts, and more. Check out the below special event dates or bring down your broken goods help to reduce the amount of items sent to landfill, learn how to crotchet, connect with your local community, and learn some new skills.

The Community Activation and Learning Teams Repair Café provides an opportunity to meet people with an interest in tinkering and do-it-yourself repairs. It is a great way to build relationships, share knowledge and get to know people in your community.

Working with a team of skilled volunteers to create a vibrant, welcoming space for the local community, the Community Repair Café is a community driven project coordinated by Western Heath and Lendlease and supported by Melton City Council.

Alongside the Repair Café the below are some special activities running from 9am-11am. Be sure to secure your spot as the below activities have limited spaces!

Edible Gardens: BOOK

Make your own sandwich/tote bag with Clover and Co: BOOK

Soulful Soups: BOOK

Home Gardening: BOOK


Christmas Craft: BOOK