February 9: Safer Internet Day

On Safer Internet Day the world comes together with a shared vision of making online experiences better for everyone. Online activities are part of our everyday lives, so ensuring people of all ages stay safe is vital.

Webinars for Parents & Carers

eSafety are celebrating the day with a series of webinars for parents and carers, exploring the latest research about skills you can teach your children to stay safe online. You can find a webinar time that suits you via the eSafety website.

Video: Stay Safe Online & Scam Prevention

Last year, using the internet to communicate with our loved ones became the main way of staying in touch for many of us in the City of Melton. As such, Paul from Hobstar Computer Solutions shared with us his top tips to recognise internet and phone scams as well as ways keep your passwords and information safe in an easy to understand YouTube video. You can re-visit Paul’s video on our YouTube channel.

Digital Mentor Training

In coming weeks, the City of Melton will be launching its Digital Mentor training and free community classes to learn computer basics and keeping yourself safe. If you are interested in upskilling in this area whilst supporting your community as a Digital Mentor please email cassandrac@melton.vic.gov.au to register your interest.

If you would like more information about our FREE upcoming computer classes and workshops being held around the City of Melton please email mld@mleton.vic.gov.au to register your interest.