Volunteering and Its Benefits

Volunteering and Its Benefits

If Shakespeare does not mind, I would like to substitute the word Mercy in his quote ‘The virtue of Mercy falls like gentle rain from heaven’ to Volunteering. Volunteering blesses those who volunteer and those for whom one volunteers.

There are countless benefits of volunteering. Apart from your values, passions and interests finding an outlet, volunteering opens a whole new world of social and cultural experience, new friends and networks. It develops one’s confidence, self-esteem and enables one to learn new skills. It also opens doors for career opportunities. Volunteering is a wonderful cure for loneliness and encourages social connectedness.

EdConnect connects over 1000 volunteers with thousands of young people in schools throughout Australia every year who need additional support in literacy and numeracy. These trained volunteers support class activities and become a positive role model for young and fertile minds. By dedicating one or two hours per week volunteers have made a huge difference in a young child’s life academically and emotionally well beyond their formative years.

EdConnect is looking for volunteers to help out in Homework Clubs in both Caroline Springs and Melton area. For more information please call 1800 668 550.

If you have a passion for making a difference in the life of a child and rewarding yourself then show your interest by completing the application form on http://www.edconnectaustralia.org.au/volunteer/volunteer-application-form/