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The 2018 Melton Learning Festival offers people the chance to investigate new learning opportunities and activities, participate in them for free and then celebrate by talking about their experiences and continuing with more learning activities or programs.





What are the festival Goals?


Promote Melton as a Learning City, locally, nationally and globally


Provide opportunities for individuals and learning providers to attract more participants


Promote the benefits of ongoing learning for everyone


Increase participation in learning activities


Raise the profile / awareness of lifelong learning in Melton


Endorse the concept of learning as a fun, social activity and can make life more fulfilling and enjoyable


Build awareness of all the great learning opportunities available in Melton

How to get involved


Host an event


Volunteer to help


Join in the fun

Join in the fun

at the Festival

The program for the Festival will be launched in early September. Some events will require registration, however most you will be able to just turn up and enjoy.


Registrations are now open for the inaugural 2018 Melton Lifelong Learning Festival

Fill in the form below by the 30th June 2018 and we will be in contact with you

We are inviting all our current and new valued learning providers to participate in the festival

You can host any type of event, so long as it has a learning focus and is free to attend during the Festival.

There are numerous types of events that you can apply to host including:
workshops, classes, demonstrations, try-out sessions, lectures, Open Days, Drop-in sessions, Storytelling, Pop-up classes etc.

It is expected that we will have events like cooking, dancing, games, language, sport, workshops, tours, information sessions and more, right across the municipality.

It is a great opportunity for you to engage with your community and promote your cause, club or organisation, classes or business.

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Become A Volunteer

Applications to be a volunteer during the Festival will be open in late July. Please check back on this page to register.

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or send us an email – festival@meltonlearning.com.au