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The 2019 Melton Learning Festival offers people the chance to investigate new learning opportunities and activities, participate in them for free and then celebrate by talking about their experiences and continuing with more learning activities or programs.







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Event Registration

There are numerous types of events that you can apply to host including:
workshops, classes, demonstrations, try-out sessions, lectures, Open Days, Drop-in sessions, Storytelling, Pop-up classes etc.

It is expected that we will have events like cooking, dancing, games, language, sport, workshops, tours, information sessions and more, right across the municipality.

It is a great opportunity for you to engage with your community and promote your cause, club or organisation, classes or business.

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Registrations are now open for the 2019 Melton Lifelong Learning Festival.


Fill in the form below by Friday 16th August 2019. and we will be in contact with you asap.


We are inviting all our current and new valued learning providers to participate in the festival


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Thank you for registering your interest to participate as a Learning Provider in the Melton Lifelong Learning Festival in 2019. The Festival will begin on Friday 18th October and continue for 10 days up to and including Sunday 27 October.

The Festival will offer inclusive and accessible free learning events and experiences.

The Festival encourages people to try free learning events for all ages and interests across the city of Melton.

Please provide information for all sections in this form and submit by Friday 16th August 2019 to be included in the festival program. You may complete this form online, in PDF or print and complete.

Try Our Festival Mobile App

To facilitate easy access and participation in the Festival, we have partnered with ShowGizmo to provide our community a unique Festival experience. The user-friendly App allows you to browse through the Festival program and plan your week around the many events in our libraries, community centres and businesses across the municipality.

So please, we invite you live this year’s motto, and investigate, participate and celebrate during the Lifelong Learning Festival.

Join in the fun

at the Festival

The program for the Festival will be launched in early September. Some events will require registration, however most you will be able to just turn up and enjoy.

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