The City of Melton Lifelong Learning Festival is a celebration of everything that is lifelong, life-deep and life-wide learning. Participate in free events across the entire municipality and discover that learning is not always done in the classroom, it’s done everywhere

The festival will return in September 2020. If you’d like to host a free learning event to promote your organisation and share your knowledge with the local community, please fill out an expression of interest form via the button below.

Why do we celebrate learning?

Melton’s vision is to be a thriving community where everyone belongs. A proud, inclusive and safe community, with a strong economy and we know that learning is a fundamental tool for realising this vision. The Festival plays a significant role in bringing people together to focus on lifelong, lifewide and lifedeep learning and understand the difference it can make to their lives and the beneficial impact on the community as a whole. Research shows that learning keeps us healthier, wealthier and happier. From a community perspective this is crucial as a learning community is more resilient, adapts to change more readily, is more skilled and is able to take advantage of opportunities.



Melton City Council was the first accredited UNESCO Learning City in Australia.

What is a UNESCO Learning City?

A Learning City is a city endorsed by the United
Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural
Organisation, which effectively mobilises its
resources in every sector to:

  • promote inclusive learning from basic to higher education;
  • revitalise learning in families and communities;
  • facilitate learning for and in the workplace;
  • extend the use of modern learning technologies;
  • enhance quality and excellence in learning;
  • foster a culture of learning throughout life.

In so doing it will create and reinforce individual empowerment and social cohesion, economic and cultural prosperity, and sustainable development.