Community Partnerships Program

About the Melton City Council Community Partnerships Program

Written by Alex Maggi

Each year, the Melton City Council Community Partnerships Program supports Community organisations to run their desired projects and Culture exchange workshops.

The Community Partnership Program aims to link together community groups from different cultural, religious and linguistic backgrounds to work together on projects and activities that contribute positively to the communities of the City of Melton.

The projects supported by this program deliver positive social, environmental and economic outcomes by making a positive impact on the environment and the economy while strengthening social diversity and inclusion in the City of Melton.

2019 Program commencement – Collaboration Night

This year, the award-winning Community Partnership Program, will commence on the 28th August 2019 with a special event – A Collaboration Night to be held at TABCORP at which program. guidelines and hard copy paper EOI application forms will be available.

The Collaboration forum/event will provide an opportunity for interested individuals and groups to meet with other groups/businesses and/or organisations to share ideas about projects and/or activities they might want to start up or get involved with.

We are encouraging community and business leaders to attend this event to link up with others and build relationships.  Working together can build your group’s profile, increase interest and membership and improve your group’s access to funding.

The Partnership program currently offers two streams:

  • Project Stream
  • Cultural Exchange Workshops Stream.

Organisations can be involved in one or both streams of activity.

Project stream

The organisations/groups work together with one or more partners on a project. The Council will provide relevant resources and support for the smooth delivery of the project.

Cultural Exchange Workshops Stream:

The collaborating organisations showcase their culture through food, dance, arts and craft, story sharing etc. The organisations take turns to host workshops. The approach undertaken can be informal or formal. The cultural exchange workshops receive in-kind hall hire funding when using Council owned facilities.

Once you have arranged a partner and have an agreed project or activity you will need to lodge an expression of interest (EOI) application and apply on line or submit the hard copy form to: PO Box 21 Melton Vic 3337

For further inquiries about the Community Partnerships Program you can contact: Alex Maggi on 97477200 or email,